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Welcome to the April 2022 EGG HUNT. This is your chance to have some fun in the great outdoors with your friends, family or by yourself. I have designed and created 30 Eggs which I will be hiding in and around Fife for everyday in April 2022. I will be giving clues to the locations on my website, Facebook page and Instagram. Once you find an egg, it is yours to keep. All I ask is that you join in the fun and take a photo or where you found it and upload it so one of my social media posts.

You can use the # eventhesmallthingsareknown. There is a QR code inside which will lead to my website and

you can click on the Facebook symbol or Instagram to be taken to my pages. The Egg hunt is just a bit of fun for you all, it will lead up to my exhibition opening titled "Even the small things are known" on Saturday 30th April 10am-4pm. Location details to follow. 


Double click the images to see the clue. 
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