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Here you will discover videos, articles and audio recordings about myself, my art practice and in relations to specific artworks. 
This video  was filmed just before my Vessels exhibition in 2018. It was shot in my art studio in St Andrews and looks at my art practice at the time. It was filmed by Heather Gregg and her daughter Bea. You can find them here.
3 days later.jpg
3 days later Jaclyn Stuart
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This is an audio file which was part of an Easter exhibition in Inverness, called Love, loss, hope. I was asked to record an explanation of my painting called 3 days later. 

newspaper3 .jpg
newspaper 1.jpg

This is an article that was written about me and my artwork. I was interviewed by a St Andrews magazine just before my Vessels exhibition in 2018. 

art building-2_edited.jpg

A church in Sweden bought my image of "Entering Peace" to use as  their church window. What a great idea!

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