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Jim McLeish

"Jaclyn's online classes are as interactive and relaxed as her fun St Andrew's studio classes. Fantastic way to pick up or refresh painting skills. Well paced online sessions and Jaclyn is always happy to give individual guidance during the classes or afterwards."

Nicola Andrews

"Jaclyn's classes are full of fun, but kids also learn a lot about different art techniques, artists and styles. She's great with the children; empathetic and caring but also fantastic at keeping them focused and calm during the session. The atmosphere in the room is so positive and the kids always come out buzzing!"

Norma Whiley

"My private art classes are a real inspiration. I find Jaclyn teaches me in a way that suits my needs. I really enjoy my lesson and that says it all"

Susan Hill

"I have taken 6 blocks of classes with Jaclyn over the past two years. She is an excellent teacher who has taken me from petrified to make any mark on a sheet of paper, towards confidence that I can produce good work. Jaclyn has the ability to adapt and modify her teaching to suit the class. Jaclyn encourages and demonstrates to each individual helping them get the best possible results "

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