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Art classes for adults  2023 

November - December 2023



2nd November - 14th December 

Thursday 7-9pm 

Holy Trinity Church Halls, Queens Terrace, St Andrews

7 week block 


In this course you will learn 3 types of techniques when drawing a portrait. Grid method, Charles Bargue method and drawing from life. each stage builds on the previous stage to help you grow in confidence. You will learn about facial proportion, breaking down each feature, hot to measure, see tone and create mark making to describe the face. 

You will need to supply some basic materials, a list will be given to you upon registration. 

All paper and drawing boards are provided for.

Live Online Class Via Zoom 


1st November to 13th December 

Wednesday 7-9pm  

7 week block 


Each week you will visit a different country across central and eastern Europe, stopping off to learn about a particular artist and the techniques that they employed in their art work. It will be a fun journey where you will discover some new and exiting artists and have the chance to try your hand at a variety of techniques and art materials. We will visit El Greco, Klimt and many more. 

A list of art materials will be supplied on sign up, along with the course handout. 


January-April 2024


Get drawing! (building a sketchbook.)

17th January - 27th March ( No class 14th Feb)

Wednesday 7-9pm 

10 week block 


This class will help you build a sketchbook full of everyday objects and ideas. It will help you create daily habits of drawing and build a personal story of your life in objects. You will learn how to break objects down into their basic shapes, create tone, add colour, create different grounds to make each page different from the last. You will learn to use a wide variety of art materials to make each page more exciting than the last. 

You will receive a list of required art materials on signing up, along with the course handout.



DRAWING for beginners and refreshers 

18th January -28th March ( No class 14th Feb)

Thursday 7-9pm 

Holy Trinity Church Halls, Queens Terrace, St Andrews. 


What a great way to start the new year by

learning how to draw! This is a fully comprehensive class and will show you all the technical side of drawing as well as the creative side. This class will show

you everything you need to know from understanding  perspective, tone, mark making, composition, drawing ellipses and building your own still life. 

You will receive a list of required art materials on signing up, along with the course handout. 

April - June 2024 

Coming soon 

  • Exploring pastels

  • Sketching outdoors

  • Mixed media winter landscapes 

  • Painting with oils

  • Travelling the Americas through art 

  • Travelling through Asia through art 

  • Travelling through USA through art 

  • Painting animals 

  • Painitng flowers

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