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Summer Art update

Hello fun loving people,

It is another glorious day in Fife and I realised that I have not been in touch with you all. I have been busy sunning it up on holiday with my kids in the glorious Fife countryside. It has honestly felt like Tuscany with its low, hot sun and long shadows. I have taken myself off for a few cycle rides on my electric bike whom I have named Claude. Claude and I have a fantastic relationship as he helps me with all the highs and lows of life. Literally!

Even though I have technically been on holiday, I have also been working on and off. An artists mind is never at rest. I was teaching a week of kids holiday art classes in st Andrews which was great. My first in person classes and all went well.

Portrait commissions

I have also been working on a couple of portrait commissions which I handed in to the new owners yesterday. They commissioned me to create pastel portraits of their children. I love creating portraits and seeing the reaction as i do the grand reveal. It is a little nerve wracking waiting for their response. Parents know every part of their child’s face, so if any part is out by just a millimetre, then they will notice. Here are the finished portraits.

If you are interested in getting a portrait please get in touch for a quote.

Trying New Things

Just before the holidays I entered the John Byrne Award online, My entry is available to see along with a short written piece explaining what its all about. Click here to see my entry.

Good news for art fans!

I will be taking part in Open studios this year on October the 23rd and 24th. Most of you know I had to give up my art studio in St Andrews, so this year I will be using our car port as a small art gallery/studio space for you to come and see my artwork. I am hoping to rope the kids into helping serve refreshments and make some sweets treats.

My cards and hopefully new calendars will be available to buy as well as original artworks.

Next year 2022

I am hoping to have an art exhibition sometime next year displaying all my new artwork which is still in the making. Here is a sneak peak of what has been brewing on the easel.

Well I hope I have sufficiently updated you on the low down of my art life and world.

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and are not working too hard.

see you all soon hopefully



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