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Administering healing

These last six months to a year have been eventful for my family. We moved house, my boys moved school, I created a new studio in my house but the biggest news by far was when my sons best friend was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. He is 12. He has finished 9 rounds of chemo and is in the process of 4 weeks of radiotherapy. Aaron was due to start secondary school along with my son but has been unable to attend so far.

Then just after Christmas my best friend was diagnosed with Bowel cancer. She is undergoing chemo at present. Two best friends in need of healing.

When faced with news like this what do you do? Apart from practical steps, I pray. Even though the situation is out of my control, I know there is one who is in control and who knows the beginning from the end.

This is a painting called Administering Healing that I painted while praying for Aaron. In it, the unseen angels breath healing and administer it to those in need . It was created with pastels and inks.

This painting was sold recently at an auction for Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust. It could not have went to a more appropriate auction.

I am currently planning a studio sale of sketches and past art work, where the proceeds will go to CLIC Sargent. This will take place on Saturday April the 25th and Saturday May the 2nd from 10am -4pm at my studio, Holy Trinity Church Halls on Queens Terrace, St Andrews. Clic Sargent

are a charity that give practical help to amilies with a child who has cancer. They have helped Aarons family loads. So watch this space for updates. You are all invited. In the meantime you can find out about Clic Sargant here.

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