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Come and see me.

Hello lovely people! I don’t know about you but since lockdown has lifted, life is busier than ever. I have been busy teaching new classes and also working for flavours holiday company, teaching some lovely eager beavers ( art students) how to paint. This was the sunset at Loch Lomond.

I have not had a great deal of time to create my own art work which is a shame but I have great plans for getting back in the studio really soon. I just have a few more things on my to do list and then I will be back in the game. I am hoping to have an in person exhibition of all my brand new spanking artwork next year. Hopefully around April/May/June but it depends on how many people can enter a building at one time. It kind of ruins the feel having to wear a mask while trying to drink a glass of wine! However I have some plans that may make it even more exciting. All will be revealed in due course.

Until then I would love to invite you all to come visit me at my home for Open studios 2021! I will be turning my car port in Brunton into an open studio and would love for you to come and see me there. I will have lots of artwork on display from my last online exhibtion , “journey through the garden”, which you will now get to see in the flesh!

Many works did sell but because of lockdown I had to only have the exhibition online, so I can’t wait for you to see it in the flesh. There will be prices for all people and many of my art works will be discounted. So get here first and you will have the best dibs.

I am including lots of my sketches, drawings, ideas and studies in the mix too.

These are often the thinking behind the main paintings and you can often see suggestions of landscape in my more symbolic works which are based on the landscape around where I live. My original blank greetings cards will be available to buy too.

I am hoping to have some refreshments for you too.

Hopefully it wont be too cold outside.

So I really hope to see you all here.

Click the link for all details of where to find me.

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