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I love it when a plan come together

I often visit the theme of brokenness, beauty in brokenness, fragility of life etc. I had been thinking a lot about creating some new art work and revisiting the theme of brokenness and the art of Kintsugi, when I happened across this old small quarry and found loads of wonderful, beautiful broken pieces of porcelain. It cemented my forming ideas.

I have walked past this small quarry every day for over 4 years and I never noticed it until the end of last year. The reason being, all the forest and fauna were overgrown and covered the whole quarry, I never could see what lay underneath. On the surface it looked green and lush and a haven for wild animals. It was not until winter, when out for a walk, that my eyes caught the attention of broken bottles lying on the verge. Then as I climbed up the embankment, I saw a mass of broken pots, bottles, pans and porcelain. It made me think how often we as humans, do not address the broken parts of our life and look at them head on. Where we are wounded and feel emotional pain. It is in this thought that I will start creating new work. The hidden things, the brokenness on a journey to restoration. Where hearts are healed and wounds no longer feel pain when pressed and we can wear our battle scars as a victory. I hope you will join me on this creative journey as I share my creative process in the upcoming months. This is the start of a new journey to create new art. Here is where it starts.

Love Jaclyn


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1 Comment

Beautiful broken pieces indeed, I can't wait to see how you express this, do valuable. Love how you see life and live it Jacklyn

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