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Can imagination act as a gateway into a connection with the Divine? What part does imagination play in the life of an artist? Here are some of my thoughts.


I often think about the wonderful gift of imagination. At any moment we can close our eyes and we can be transported to another place. We can create worlds, inspire new ideas, solve problems, and invent all diverse kinds of innovations. I believe, the imagination is a gateway into a world of possibility and as an artist I live between this physical, tangible world and a world not yet fully realised, a world that is waiting to be birthed on canvas. My mind constantly thinks in images, symbols and metaphors, always thinking how I can best communicate a feeling or an idea through the vehicle of paint. It is a power that all artists hold,  weather you are a writer, an actor or painter, we can take the things in our mind and make them reality in the every day. A painter for example can transform the tangible world by communicating ideas, attach meaning to everyday objects or use colour to evoke emotion. In doing so we can transport people to a space of contemplation, challenge, or inspiration. The imagination, taken from the mind and made flesh, can create a space for life to flourish, hope to seed and minds to change.


It may all sound very grandiose and highfalutin, but I do believe that this to be the case. We only need look at history to see how the imagination can change reality. From envisioning new technologies to inspiring social movements. Imagination has sparked innovation, exploration, and progress through history. Imagination has been the catalyst to turn many dreams into reality.

So how do we as artists use our imagination to the best of our ability?


Firstly, I see imagination as a tool, we can use this tool for good or for ill. This tool is a gift that has been given to us and we need to steward it wisely. It is a gift that can be misused. I suppose it depends on what we connect our imagination to. I see it this way. Imagination is like a plug, we can connect our imagination to the source of life, this will fill our minds with wonderful things for the good of the world or we can connect it into darkened ideas, propaganda, agendas, and even worse nefarious ideologies. I see imagination as a Divine gift, the ability to co-create with God, the overlapping connection of God space with our space. Imagination on its own is a vessel through which something must flow, and I need personally need to try and keep my imagination connected to things that help me see truth, hope and love. Easier said than done but I know that having a visual mind, I can often be affected by things I see and hear. A scene from a movie or a piece of shocking news can stay in my mind for a number of days. Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe I can shield myself from all the upsetting and hate filled things of the world and nor do I want to, but I do believe that I can limit my intake, so that I can create from a place of peace and clear thinking. I feel when I am in the flow of creating new work, this is a helpful step for me to consider. I need the right fuel to ignite my imagination. For me connecting with God through prayer, surrounding myself with nature, laughing with friends, relaxing with a good tv show, eating and napping (definitely the napping!), help me to be ready to catch that drop of inspiration with both hands.

Creating art and bringing it from a place of imagination to a physical work of art is an exciting and a vulnerable practice. Every art piece has the ability to act like a small light, switching on to brighten someone’s life. Carving out a space in the here and now to illuminate a thought can bring meaning and beauty into someone’s darkened day. Many artworks from centuries ago are still shining bright to this day. I like to think of art as creating bursts of light. By choosing to shine this little light of mine, I hope to encourage you to do the same.

What are your thoughts? How does imagination play out in your life and what things stop you form being creative?


Love Jaclyn

Keep creating.


The golden thread

Oil and gold leaf on canvas

3.5 x 2.5ft

Framed with gold gilt frame

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