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The delicate balance

As an artist, I often find myself at a crossroads between staying true to my unique vision, and creating work that resonates with others. At the core of my art lies a distinct vision, a perspective that is uniquely my own. This vision is the guiding force behind my creations. It is essential to nurture this vision, as it forms the very fabric of my art.

When I create from a place of authenticity, my work carries a depth and sincerity, that I think is translated to my audience. My art becomes a reflection of my innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences, inviting others into my world. In the past I was inclined to do the opposite. I created what I thought other people would like, what I thought would sell but it left me feeling like I had compromised my creativity. It also led to not many sales. Your audience can tell if something has come from a place of authenticity or from a place of trying to please.

In a world driven by likes and shares it’s easy to succumb to the pressure of external validation. The desire to please others can sometimes lead artists astray from their true artistic path. I have found that

a no compromise approach is what truly fulfills me as an artist. If I look back on art history, all of the great artists that are revered in today's artworld, were people of no compromise. Artists with conviction. I feel I have to create work that speaks to my soul, regardless of whether it resonates with others or not. In this journey of authenticity ,being true to my conscience, and the whisper of God's presence, the result is that people will follow. We love authenticity, we seek truth and transparency.

I have often grappled with the thought, "is making art a selfish endeavor? My paintings are not ending world hunger or fighting human trafficking but I think the thought of selfishness is a misconception and one with little truth. I have been learning to silence these thoughts. While there’s certainly an element of introspection and self-discovery in the creative process, art is anything but selfish. I have to believe that art is a deeply human practice, a means of connecting with others on a profound level. Through my art, I have the power to evoke emotions and spark conversations. My voice, my perspective matters. It has taken me a long time to get to that place of confidence, wading through knee high doubt, low confidence and fear but I do believe I am getting there and able to be more vulnerable and willing to put myself out there.

Which leads me on to "releasing my art into the world". It can be a daunting process. It often feels vulnerable and at times I need to be willing to expose my innermost thoughts and emotions, which can often lead to the scrutiny of others. I risk opening myself up to criticism and rejection. Not everyone will understand or appreciate my work, and that’s okay. What matters is that I stay true to my vision, knowing that there are those who will connect with my art on a different levels. Ultimately, the most compelling art is that which speaks from the heart. It is definitely a journey of learning and trying to stay authentic and listen to the still small voice.

Love Jaclyn

Keep creating


The repair shop

Oil and gold leaf on canvas

Framed with gold gilt frame

104 x 84 x 3cm

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This is a beautiful painting. Thank you for this post and for your courage in releasing your work into the world.

Replying to

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. X

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