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January Newsletter

The New Year is well and truly underway but I feel like I am only just getting going again. It has taken me some time to get back into the swing of things. So what have I been up to in the long dark month of January? Well I shall tell you.

What's the gossip at the art classes?

The year kicked off , very early on January 4th. My art classes moved venue to St Leonard's Church Hall on Hepburn Gardens. I love the new space. The church have welcomed me with open arms and provided everything I need to be able to run the classes well. It is always warm and makes for a great atmosphere for all the classes. The classes have all been fully booked of which I am so pleased and thankful for. We kicked off with our Wednesday Zoom class, Get drawing! and our Thursday in person class Beginners drawing. Drawing is such a great way to start the year. People love to take up new hobbies or dust off old ones. So these classes have made the perfect start.

The primary aged kids are learning how to draw Rainforest animals and the teens are creating their own book covers. You can see the progress of students by following my Instagram @edenartst or Facebook edenartstandrews page.

What's the gossip with my art practice?

I am currently building up a body of new work, it seems to be taking me forever to create anything just now, but I am plodding along. I am creating some large scale work and there is a lot of detail. All the work is inspired by broken porcelain that I found in a local quarry and the symbolism that arose in my mind. I don't want to give to many sneak peaks but I can't resist giving you one here. This is one of my new paintings. It is oil on canvas and is about 2ft x 1.5ft. I am in love with the pattern and patchwork effect of this painting. The addition of the gold just makes it feel special and unique.

I have also been to my framers recently in Kilconquhar. She is a wonderful framer, very talented. So I am excited to see some of my most recent work framed. I am not sure when I will have a show of my most recent work but I will keep you all up to date.

You can follow my progress at Instragram @jaclynstuartart or Facebook Jaclynstuartart.

A portrait of Mum

As most of you will know, we sadly lost my mum to cancer last year . It will almost be 1 year in March. I wanted to cement her memory in paint and created a watercolour of her. I gave it to my Dad as a present. It was a cathartic experience to say the least. I depicted her the way I wanted, full of life, love and a smile in her eyes. Her name was Elizabeth Ann Brandie.

A new addition

We have a new member of our family now. His name is Matisse and he is a 9 month old Ragdoll, pussy cat. I am sure he will be painting with me in the studio soon. We named him Matisse after Henri Matisse the French Fauvist painter and collage artist. So cute!

I think that is all my news for the moment. I am looking forward to what February has in store. I hope to get some more painting mojo.

Love Jaclyn


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