In the studio

Today my youngest son started back to school, my eldest son moved his school out of my art studio (the spare room) and has set up downstairs and I have now taken hold of my studio with both hands and moved back in. I have had small bursts of creativity throughout this lockdown but have stuggled to find space that is dedicated to making art. It is not just about having a physical space but a thinking space too. In my opinion the creative process is 90% thinking and 10% making. My thinking and creative space was at full capacity helping my kids learn and trying to make my teaching business work online but now I am sitting here in the studio and can feel the creative spark ignite again after being in hibernation. I am slowly waking up from a long winters nap. So hold on to your seats and get ready for the artistic adventure that awaits you. This artistic bear has awoken! Well almost, I need another coffee first.

Image below "Even the small things are known, little mouse" sanguine, acrylic and gold leaf on pastel paper.

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