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Have you ever thought about legacy? I don’t mean the money that you leave someone when you die. I mean a legacy that speaks to others and echoes through the generations to come. I often wonder what leaving a legacy would look like. I look to the past and think of the generations before me and the legacy that they have left. Before my great grandparents, I don’t really know much about my family. I know they were mostly farmers but I ponder the choices and decisions that they made and how all those things culminate into the present day. It is not the material things that they gained that I think about (although that is part of it) but more the emotional and spiritual things.

Every day we make decisions which affect those around us and then in turn those things affect the people around them and so on and so on. The memory of people fade but their legacy lives on. A memory stays for a few generations and then vanishes. Their legacy, however, has shaped my life. I also think of my teachers. Teachers truly are leaving a legacy and shaping a generation. I remember my art, drama and music teachers the most. They will never fully comprehend how much their time and effort shaped my career.

Think of all the generations that have gone before you. The choices they have made, the moments that have shaped their life. Those moments have shaped all future generations ahead of them. The memory of us will fade but the small things we do, the kindness we show, the lesson we teach, helping someone when they are down, grieving with those who grieve and rejoicing with those who rejoice, these things will leave a mark and a legacy. We may not feel that the small things we do make any difference but think back on your own life. When someone was mean , it hurt. When someone showed love it gave strength. A few words of encouragment, well I can ride that wave for a long time! I hope through my actions and through my art, I can leave a legacy for my children and their children’s children and for generations to come.

This painting is called “ those who have gone before” It is painted with oil, resin and gold leaf on canvas and framed with a white wooden frame. available to buy from the online shop.

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