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October Newsletter

Where does time go? This month has been so busy even though I had 2 weeks holiday, (nowhere fancy, just at home) I still seem to not have enough time.

The art courses that I teach came to their end before the school holidays and are now back in full swing. They started back this week. Since I last made a newsletter, I have taught the following classes: Primary aged and secondary aged term time classes, 2x mark making with watercolour, travelling Western Europe through art, portraiture at St Andrews Uni and I have been to Spain for a week teaching for Flavours Holiday company. Phew!

You may be wondering where do I find time to create my own work. Well, it has been hard. I mostly try and paint on a Tuesday and Friday and I have been managing to create some art pieces that I love and am proud of. I hope to have an exhibition of my work sometime next year but I need to keep making work.

I have managed to sell a number of paintings in the background of all the business and have had the delight of a couple commissions. The painting that I helped to restore at Criagtoun Park is now back from the framer and is hanging pride of place in the Craigtoun Cafe. If you have not seen it, go and have a look. My framer Jeni Deards has done the most fantastic job. I just love her framing.

Looking forward I will be hosting a Festive Soiree at my house, as a thank you to my students and art buyers for their support and kindness through the years. I hope to see you there.

To tease your eyes, I want to give you a sneak peak of one of my recent paintings. Hopefully you like it as much as I do. As an artist it is not often that you like your own work , we can be very critical and never satisfied, but when something works, it is an exciting place to be.

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