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Rejection is part of the process

I recently entered the Scotties by the sea art trail. Artists were asked to enter their design to be painted onto a large Scottie dog. The dogs will be dotted around the East Neuk and St Andrews area. Local businesses then choose an artist to sponsor so the design can become reality. Then they are auctioned off to raise money for Maggie's cancer Centre. My design got through to the final stages but alas it was not chosen. I was a bit disappointed as I really love my design and even more I wanted to do it in dedication of my late mum who just recently died from cancer. In the creative industries, you must be willing to put yourself out there and be vulnerable and share your ideas otherwise, they will just stay as ideas and never ben seen by anyone. Rejection is part of being a creative. Taking part in the Scotties project has helped me establish my next line of art work. The process of creating has helped me think of new ideas which I will develop over the next few months.

The original idea came from beach combing on the East Sands. I have a growing collection of broken pottery. It tells a story of a life once lived. Often these blue and white plates have scenes from everyday life, telling a story of village life, fishing, love and nature. It also reminds me of our broken and fragile humanity. That life is full of beauty but our human bodies will not last forever. The gold lines are representative of healing in our brokenness and being repaired and made into something even more beautiful. The joining of different life stories , people stories being washed up on the shore and joined together in our human story. So over the next few months, I am going to start creating and hope to have an exhibition of my work next year, in dedication of my mum #scottiesbythesea #cancer #maggiescancercentre # #artwork #artandcancer #tellingastory #narrativeart #scottishartist

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