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Symbols. Boats, blossom and butterflies.

If you have followed my work for awhile you are probably aware that I love to create symbols to show some kind of thought or meaning to my work. I thought it would be a good idea to create a little blurb about what these are and what they mean, in the hope that you can connect with my work in a different way.

One of the symbols that you can find in some of my work is the image of the boat. I love to take the boat out of its normal context of floating or sailing on water and instead transport it into the clouds. By creating this juxtaposition , it allows the boat to take on a new meaning and become something spiritual. The boat is symbolic of a vessel, our bodies, a shell which holds our spirit, our inner being. When we think of the sky we often hear it being spoken about as the heavens, or a celestial place. Connecting our frail vessels with a heavenly/eternal experience.

Another image that reappears throughout my work is blossom. In Japanese artwork, the blossom is used frequently to symbolise the beauty but fragility of life. I love the image of that. I love the anticipation of waiting for the blossom to bloom. and then the sadness of it falling. The fragility and beauty of life summed up by such a glorious flower.

Following on from the blossom, another similar symbol which I enjoy using is the butterfly. The butterfly like the blossom is a thing of beauty but again is here for too short a time. It also symbolises the struggle of life, pushing through the cocoon to live the last part of its life.

There are many other symbols that I use and that will have to wait until another Blogpost.

Until then you can see my past work at

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