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The Bee symbol

Throughout my artwork you may have seen the image of a bee. Whether it be my Bee, blossom and glory painting series or painting bees in the clouds with honey pouring from heaven. In my mind the bee represents the fulness of life. Wherever you find honey , you find the life cycle. The fragile, temporal, beautiful existence of a flower being pollinated and sustained by a bee. From flower to flower to flower creating new life. The honey that the bee makes giving sustenance for future bees and its Queen. In the Bible whenever honey was mentioned, it spoke of life, prosperity and a good fertile land. My bee, blossom and glory exhibition was my first solo show and the painting with the same title was the very first painting that sold in the exhibition. I now use this image as my logo and have it printed onto mugs, cards and tote bags. My hope is that my artwork, like the bee, will bring life and hope to our fragile, temporal, beautiful lives spreading words and images of encouragement, like pollen, from one person to another.

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