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What a year!

2020 is almost at a close. Most of this year has been spent indoors or in the garden but as an artist, I have quite enjoyed the time to contemplate and create. ( inbetween homeschooling and running a teaching business that is.)

Artwise, I have been extremely busy. Looking back over photos and facebook feed is a good way to remember what I have actually been doing. I don't know about you but the days this year sometimes mould into one .

In March I moved out of my artstudio for good and took over our spare room. It is now a mess covered in drawing, paintings and frames. It is a wonder that I can create anything in this space but I promise you, it does happen.

In April I held an online studio sale for CLIC Sargent, the children's cancer charity and with your help managed to raise just over £2000 from sales! Here is one of the paintings that sold.

The months of May to August are a bit of a blur as it was mostly filled with helping the kids with school work and then teaching art to students at night.

By some miracle, I still managed to find some time to paint . I found the most wonderful framer for my work who framed about 40 pieces of me. Her name is Jeni Deards, find her on facebook @jeniframe. She frames from her wee cottage in Kilconquhar. Here she is in action.

Having no hall to exhibit in, I created my first online exhibition called "journey through the garden". All things considered, I am calling it a success. Although I do feel, I still would like to have an in person exhibition next year. That way you can see the work in person. Maybe November 2021. We shall see.

Here is my favourite painting from my exhibition called "where does my help come from?"

I had a number of lovely commissions to create for some wonderful people . It is always an honour when they choose your artistic style to create a special painting or drawing.

I also released a couple Christmas and greetings cards which you have all seemed to love.

Finally I worked with the lovely writer Heather Gregg to create an audio visual landscape for my Advent refelection paintings which are all available to view on my website.

All in all, I would say artistically 2020 has been a good year even with all its twists and turns. I have been blessed.

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and I hope to see you really soon in person.

Love Jaclyn x

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