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What lies beneath?

Updated: May 1, 2020

Motivation is what moves us to make certain choices and decisions. Motivation lives in the unseen part of us. People may never see what lies beneath when we choose a certain path or take a certain action. We all see parts of each other but very few of us see someone in all their fullness, thoughts and all.

Artists are a unique breed. They are a window into the soul of humanity and human existence. Through an artists vision and craft, we can experience and explore a full spectrum of individual thought. When looked at collectively , it gives us a birds eye view of humanity.

There are artists who explore depravity, injustice and morality, others who paint the natural world, animals, landscape and the weather reflecting on our environment. Some paint portraits always with the aim to capture the internal person and not just the face. Some create with emotion and instinct and others explore life’s questions such as purpose, existence, meaning, God and the search for truth. Art is not just something that we hang on our wall to match our furniture. (although there is nothing wrong with that) but it is the very expression of what it means to be human. Art may not have all the answers but it does lead us to ask deep questions, it moves us to fight against injustice, helps us to see afresh the beautiful creation, it can give hope, raise our spirits and heal us.

As an artist myself, I am inspired by the unseen and its relationship with known things from the world we live in. I love to examine light and reflect on its spiritual significance in expressing not just an ethereal texture to my work but my connection with God as light in the world. I hope that my viewers experience a sense of peace, connection and hope within my work. Similarly to my creative process, which is intuitive and often emerges from stream of consciousness and through times of prayer. I hope that people are able to experience both the physical and spiritual and how they interact. The expressionist work of Chagall and Odilon Redon are endlessly inspiring to me with their ability to explore and convey the spiritual, God and emotion.

Painting below:

Unseen is eternal

Oil on Canvas

4ft x 5ft

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