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Why Gold

My name is Jeni Deards and I’ve been invited to write a guest post for Jaclyn’s Blog to give you an insight into what I do. I am a framer based in Kilconqhuar and recently framed art work for Jaclyn's recent exhibition. So I thought I would keep it simple and write about why I love gold and exactly why I think you should embrace it too… (Just like Jaclyn)

1. It Elevates an Art Work The obvious one. Elevating art is the job of the frame. This is widely understood. On top of this, gold creates a sense of worth and purpose. Grandeur and luxe. It draws the eye. It is the focal point for classical art works in Galleries world wide. Beautiful gold frames made specifically to compliment and raise the bar on masterpieces, showing us how much an art work is worth by adorning it with precious metal and intricate carving.

. 2. Warmth and Glow There are not many other materials out there that can simultaneously create warmth from their own colour and cast a glow across the room. During the Renaissance, in Italy, the materials considered most desirable in an artwork were cobalt and gold. The presence of these immediately made artworks noteworthy for their use of such beautiful and rich colours. The gold denoting the light of God to be viewed and appreciated by flickering candlelight. In a time where material wealth was claimed to be a sin, the glow of gold alone has already increased the worth. Thus when choosing frames for Jaclyn’s work, using a finish that would lend warmth to all of her images was an important consideration.

(Fra Angelico Annunciation)

3. Accentuating Art Gold Brings out the best in us all. Colourful quiet art. I have worked in framing studios before and so often the go to moulding is ‘white’. I have been told that studios do not want to be seen as the type of framers that are ‘gold framers’… Why? Perhaps it seems seems dowdy or old fashioned. But what is so great about white? There is nothing wrong with a white frame. But there is also nothing wrong with making your artwork shout out that it’s here with some gold! Take Jaclyn’s paintings. They are bold and colourful. A white would have worked- however a gold frame effectively interacts with the bright and bold colours in each painting. The colours communicate with one another and the gold answers and says; I’ll look after you, we are now working as one. As all good frames should.


4. Because I love the process. I love gilding I hand finish all my frames and I love everything about creating finishes and effects for my frames and clients. And nowhere is this more true than in gilding. It is a labour intensive process that dates back centuries, and the exciting thing is- very little has changed in that time. For example natural clay pigments are used as a base layer before applying the gold, as a step to creating the warm glow we were talking about earlier. Natural adhesives are used for applying the gold. There is now more variety in the colours available and the materials which can be used but the basic principles remain the same. A source of delight and for many gilders.

(Traditional style 24ct oil gilded frame, with selhamine red bole base and finish)

5. Anything can be gilded. Not just your frames! But your furniture, your food. There is even gold face mask therapy now. (disclaimer- I do not offer this service!)

(Me gilding a cast iron console in 24ct gold for my client in Dunfermline)

For more exciting Gilding information or to find out even more about why I think Gold is Great; visit Drop us a line if you would like to talk gold, frames or just say hi!

Right. Thats my 5 points for today.

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